IR kona 6JPGWelcome! 

This site is devoted to exploring a world of infrared light that cannot be seen by the unaided human eye. Infrared photography presents an entirely different way of looking at landscapes, architecture and the shapes and forms of the human body.

The photos on this page and in our gallery were made using infrared-enabled digital cameras and IR filters that pass infrared at 1000 nanometers while blocking all visible light. Surfaces that reflect infrared light appear white and those that absorb it appear black.

CCD's in digital cameras are extremely sensitive to infrared light. When the IR blocking filter (aka "hot mirror") has been removed from the light path inside the camera and an infrared passing filter is placed on the front of the lens, digital cameras that normally shoot color become a tool for capturing infrared.

I have been shooting infrared for 15 years, and have published a comprehensive book on this topic entitled "Looking Into the Extreme End of the Near Infrared".  We also offer the unique Hoya RM100 1000nm extreme infrared filter, manufactured by Hoya in Japan for us in limited quantity.

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